The wildfire season is a time where contractors are in high demand. As homes and businesses are damaged, contractors need to be on hand to complete necessary repairs. However, as a contractor in San Diego county and throughout California, it is important that your contractor’s license is up to date during wildfire season. If not, you could be putting your ability to work and your business in jeopardy.

Here is why you need to make sure that your contractor’s license is up to date, and your contractor insurance near me needs are met.

High Penalties for an Expired Contractor’s License

If you are lining up work as a contractor in California, you need to have a current contractor’s license. Without it, you could be subject to both civil and criminal penalties and even disciplinary action by the California State License Board (CSLB).

Why do licenses lapse? There are a variety of reasons, including failure to timely submit a renewal form before it expired. Additionally, you might be on top of renewing your contractor’s license but have not submitted information related to your license bond and your worker’s compensation policy.

What if you are not sure when your contractor’s license expires? In California, active contractor’s licenses expire every two years and inactive licenses expire every four years. If you have not received a notice from the CSLB, then you probably need to check and make sure they have up to date address and contact information for your business.

How to Renew Your Contractor’s License

First, it is important to note that you are responsible for renewing your contractor’s license, even if you do not receive a renewal notice from the CSLB. When it comes to renewing your contractor’s license, processing times vary greatly. Therefore, getting your completed renewal application in sooner is recommended.

Your renewal application needs to be received by the CSLB before your expiration date to avoid having any period of time where you were unlicensed.

There are benefits to making sure that your California contractor’s license is up to date. If there are disputes between you and your client, you can take advantage of your state’s dispute resolution program.

Wildfire season means that contractors will be in high demand. Homeowners and business owners are looking for qualified and licensed California contractors. They want to know that you have the right amount of “contractor’s insurance near me.”

At the same time you are renewing your contractor’s license, it is a good time to review your contractor’s insurance coverage and make sure you have enough to meet the state’s requirements, as well as enough insurance to cover the number of jobs you currently are working on. There are also insurance options to cover your commercial vehicles and equipment.

If you are looking to review your current contractor’s insurance coverage while renewing your contractor’s license, then our team is here to help you get quotes and find the right contractor insurance policies to fit your needs. Contact us today for a quote and to explore the insurance needs of your business.

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