Are you looking for a full-service contractor’s insurance in California? There are many insurance agencies that offer these types of services, but you want to ensure you are going with one that will suit all your needs. Otherwise, when issues arise, you may be left empty handed and out a lot of money.

Who Needs Contractors Insurance?

There are a variety of contractors who may need to insure themselves. These include plumbers, roofers, carpenters, masons, landscapers, electricians and construction workers. Each state will have their own set of laws and regulations regarding contractor insurance. Therefore, it is important that you go with an agency that is knowledgeable of all regulations.  Going without insurance could put your business at risk, as you will become reliable for any issues that arise on a jobsite. Insurance provides a safety net, which will help decrease personal financial ruin, and getting caught up in pricy lawsuits.

Types of Contractor Insurance

There are various types of contractor insurance that you will need to be aware of. This will help you determine what coverage is best for you.

Here are just a few that are offered:

  • Liability Insurance – This type of insurance will cover any type of property damage or injuries that may occur. However, it will not allow for the cost of repairs or work that was done incorrectly.
  • Worker’s Compensation – This insurance will cover any injuries incurred by workers, including lost wages and medical expenses. It also covers death benefits for families who may have a loved one killed on a job site.

Contractor insurance is so important because you never know what is going to happen. The risk are too great and state laws require many contractors to be bonded as well as insured. It is important that you know your states regulations and properly insure your company against potential risk.

Liability Coverage

All contractors will want to look into liability coverage, as it does offer a wide variety of coverage. Coverage would protect against injury, damage, products and copyright claims. At any time, a customer that is not happy with your work can easily file a claim against you or your company. They do not have to have any evidence to file the claim. Many customers feel it is their right to go after the contractor for any type of damage, even when they are not directly responsible for the damage. Things such as weather elements, vandalism or theft are completely out of the contractor’s control.

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