Working with a professional contractor is part of the building process, whether to build your next home or to build a professional building for your business. Part of the process is to make sure you will get a top contractor who can meet the deadlines, adhere to the building code, and be licensed and insured.

Many contractors can claim to be insured.How can you make sure they have contractors’ insurance in San Marcos? Here is a best practice to verifying contractors’ insurance and license before you hire a contractor.

Check With the State

While contractors’ advertisements are everywhere, they must also have the contractor’s state license number. You can check on the status of their license online or call into the state’s licensing office.

Contractors are required to have their license number on all bids and contracts, as well as their business cards. Just because you see a license number on the paperwork does not mean it is valid. Taking the time to look up the license number and make sure it is valid helps you to avoid the possible consequences of hiring an unqualified or unlicensed contractor.

Ask to See Their Certificate of Insurance

Every contractor should be able to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance. You can also ask for the name of their insurance carrier. Then call the insurance services or carrier and verify that their contractors’ insurance and liability coverage is up to date.

In California, if an independent contractor has employees, then they are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Although general liability contractors’ insurance San Marcos is not required, it is recommended because it protects your property in case of damage. If the contractor does not carry this type of general liability insurance, then you need to create a detailed contract that explains how damage or losses will be handled. Otherwise, you or your insurance company could end up being the one paying for the damages. That could end up causing your insurance rates to go up.

Contractors’ Bonds

In California, licensed contractors must have a contractor license bond. Before signing with a contractor, you need to know what that bond will and will not cover. Some bonds are designed to protect you from substandard work that does not meet the local building code. Institutional lenders generally require bonds for larger projects.

Shop Around for Your Contractor

Part of the challenge is making sure that you have done your homework. Finding out licensing and contractors’ insurance in San Marcos is not enough. You also should get at least three written bids, outlining the work to be done. Also, get a few references from each contractor and contact those references. Finally, make sure that the person you are dealing with is also the same one that is listed on their pocket license.

If you are looking for a contractor, it is important that you know if they have contractors’ insurance San Marcos. Doing your homework can serve to protect you financially throughout the project. Our team can help any contractors get the right contractors’ insurance to meet state or local requirements. Contact us today to learn more about the options available.

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